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Frequently Asked Questions


You can ask me anything by submitting your questions here.


It depends on the scope of the project. During our initial and proposal meetings, I will go over the project timeline. Deadlines are worked out together, considering my current availability and your end-goal date.


I don't charge per hour! All my packages are project-based, and I work with the budget you have available. 


Each project is tailored to individual needs. Because of this, I price things according to the project and other considerations. 


In general, no. All initial appointments are conducted via Zoom. That can change once the project begins if there is compelling reason for us to meet face-to-face. In-person meetings are subject to extra charges, depending on how far I must travel


My office is Zoom and the local coffee shop. I'd love to meet in person if we're in the same area. 

Otherwise, online meetings are the way to go!